Investing in Gold Coins

The economic condition is affected by a lot of factors. You probably have a lot in your bank account, but it does not give you a guarantee that your wealth will not be affected by economic crisis. In times of financial instability, it is always the fiat money that is affected first. On the contrary, gold and other valuable metals hold its value. It is less likely affected by economic downturn. When the economy shivers, the gold prospers. If you want to protect your hard-earned money, then you should diversify your portfolio by adding gold and precious metals alike.
Gold bullion coins are the top choice. They sell millions weekly, which makes investing in gold a pretty good idea. If you are going to add gold bullion coin to your portfolio, you have to make sure you choose the ones that have high gold purity and can be easily bought and sold through precious metal dealers.

To maximize the return on investment on gold coins, take into account the following:
• Choose gold bullion coins that are easy to buy and sell – It would be an advantage on your part if you are going to stick with North American coins such as the American Eagle and Canadian Maple Leaf gold bullion coins. As a matter of fact, you can put these gold bullion coins in your individual retirement account. You might want to try other gold bullion coins, but same principle applies. You should choose the one that you can easily sell. Some investors prefer to buy gold bars, but the problem is they are more expensive and you will have a hard time selling them.
• Check and compare the prices of various precious metal dealers – As more and more people become interested in precious metals, precious metal dealers multiply in number. You can find them online and in the traditional brick and mortar stores. You should not settle for the first dealer you meet. Make sure you check at least three precious metal dealers and compare their prices. Usually, the price of gold bullion coin is a bit higher than the gold’s spot price. More than the price, you should also check the credibility of the precious metal dealer. How long it has been in the industry, the buying process, shipping method, and the likes.
• Choose an ounce gold bullion coins – American gold bullion coins are issued in four denominations (one-tenth ounce, one-quarter ounce, half-ounce, and 1-ounce). You surely want to buy low, right? Well, then, you should choose 1-ounce coins because fractional coins have higher premiums.
• If possible, stay away from rare coins – Investors should avoid rare coins because they require expertise and due diligence. Should you wish to purchase one, you should ask for a proof of authenticity or better yet hire a professional grading service. Those who purchase rare coins or numismatic coins are usually collectors or hobbyist.

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